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Welcome to Einstein's Eyes CMS Wiki Page.

This site documents the eeCMS used by Einstein's Eyes.

Please contact Einstein's Eyes for the latest version of eeCMS. The current release is Version 2.80.

View the Change Log.


Easy to Use

eeCMS provides a clean and powerful interface to manage any type of site. eeCMS simplifies content editing by only showing what is essential while offering the more advanced functionality in other areas of the administration panel.

Quick and Easy Setup

eeCMS has a very small learning curve and is great for beginner developers. The base install of eeCMS provides a great starting point and learning tool. Also this wiki provides detailed documentation with lots of examples.

Content Revisioning

Scared of messing something up or wanna go back to a change you made 3 days ago? No problem. eeCMS allows you to keep multiple revisions of your content and details who made the change and when.

Multilingual Websites

Offer multiple translations of your content all on the same domain. Manage multilingual pages and its translations the same as you would a monolingual site.

Google Analytics

eeCMS comes with Google Analytics and offers the ability to view your site's visits, page views, referrers, keywords, avg. time on site, and much more right in the administration panel.

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